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The 28 Day Fat Burn 5: Basics of Balance program will teach you everything you need to know about redefining your relationship with food, fitness, and FUN in just 15-20 minutes a day!




  •  28 Days of Mind-blowing Modules and Online Lessons. In just 15-20 minutes a day, redefine your relationship with your body, your nutrition, and your fitness — and set yourself up for a lifetime of success!
  • Four Weeks of Hands-On Coaching from Millie & Annie. Millie is your fitness guru and Annie is your personal nutritionist. We’re by your side every step of the way: Accountability, education, motivation, cheerleading, and more!
  • Built-in Freebies To Build Your Knowledge Base. Included in your Program registration are our “2-Week Clean Start Meal Plan,” with grocery lists and recipe cards, plus accountability sheets, the Fat Burning Meal Guide, food lists, and more!
  • Access to our Members-Only Facebook Group. Find motivated moms and an amazing squad working toward your same goals! Work together to celebrate your successes and tackle every challenge.

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Meet Your Coaches

ANNIE, Nutritionist

My name is Annie, and I’m here to redefine your relationship with food. 

I’m the “Rachel” to Millie’s “Monica” and the jelly to her peanut butter. (Not to leave out our awesome middle sister, Lisa!) 

Just like my sister, I spent years trapped in the cycle of restriction, weight loss, and weight gain. Back and forth like some never-ending torture yoyo — it was the worst!!! Plus, I was constantly sidetracked by the counter-intuitive instructions from all those fad diets. 

“Don’t eat red meat, but only eat steak as your only protein.” 

“Never touch alcohol or chocolate again, but have a glass of red wine with every meal and dark chocolate for dessert.” 

“You should never go more than three hours without eating, but you’ll lose more weight if you just never eat at all. (Thanks, Intermittent Fasting.)” 

I mean, WHAT?! 

None of it made sense. And at the end of the day, this cycle of confusion and frustration and weight loss and weight gain just led to me feeling extremely crummy about my nutrition decisions. I felt like the whole nutrition “thing” was hopeless, and I’d never see the results I wanted. I got so tired of eating the same boring “healthy” foods and seeing the same numbers on the scale. I was cranky. I was angry. I turned myself into my own worst enemy. 

My frustration spilled over into my personal life, and strained my relationships with my friends and family — all because I was letting my own relationship with food define me. 

I set out to solve the puzzle of nutrition once and for all. As a certified Diet Free Life Nutritionist, I’ve learned everything there is to know about eating for weight loss, fat burn — and overall — to FEEL GOOD. I discovered that the traditional “macros” as we know them can be too restrictive — that’s when Millie and I discovered the Fat Burn 5, five ways of categorizing food to make informed and conscious decisions about a balanced diet that burns fat. 

The Fat Burn 5: Basics of Balance program is our pride and joy: Our biggest secret to success when it comes to living the Diet Free lifestyle. By combining quality nutrition with exercises we enjoy, we can lose weight, feel great, and be our healthiest selves. 

I’m here to help you choose WHAT to eat, but I’m also here to help you find out WHEN, HOW MUCH, and WHY. In just 28 days, we’ll work together to break down your mental blocks when it comes to fad diets, quality nutrition, and boosting metabolism — and we’ll set you up for a lifetime of nutritional success.

Let’s do this!!

MILLIE, Fitness Coach

My name is Millie, and I’m here to help you find the FUN in fitness once and for all. 

I’m the “Monica” to Annie’s “Rachel” and the salt to her pepper. (Can’t forget a shout-out to our awesome middle sister, Lisa!) 

Like so many other women, I spent decades of my life stuck on one “diet” or another. Keto, Paleo, Whole30, the Queen Beyonce Cleanse (okay, I made that one up) — you name it! 

When you get stuck going back and forth between restriction and binge eating, weight loss and weight gain, it’s easy to feel out of control. When you add in those frustrating first months at the gym, the whole cycle becomes even more reckless and exhausting. 

Over the years, Annie and I tried Program after Program together, trying to hold each other accountable and convince each other to wake up early for those brutal hours at the gym. But the fact of the matter was that we weren’t getting the results we wanted — And then, I had an epiphany. 

I figured out that fitness isn’t just about how long you can run or how much you can lift: It’s about finding the things you’re passionate about and turning this time of exercise into a celebration of your body and all the SUPER COOL things it can do. 

With this fresh perspective, I set out to understand how our bodies work and discover the best ways of getting a move on. As a certified Diet Free Life Nutritionist and certified fitness trainer, I learned the right, safe, and FUN ways to build muscle, burn fat, and boost endurance. Working on my fitness in tandem with Annie’s nutrition guidance, I watched my body change before my eyes, and Annie and I said goodbye to the “diet life” for GOOD! 

Today, Annie and I work together to bring what we’ve learned to women all over the world. We like to say that Moms Need Carbs isn’t just a training center — it’s a revolution. We help women find their truest selves with non-restrictive, positivity-focused programs that zero in on all that warm fuzzy stuff that makes us who we are. 

By CELEBRATING nutrition and fitness (instead of punishing ourselves for doing it “wrong”), we’re able to produce incredible results for the women we work with. 

I’m here to help you work out, but I’m also here to help you find the FUN in fitness. We won’t just focus on HOW to work out, but WHEN and WHY it’s best to do certain exercises over others. We’ll figure out what works for you in terms of cardio versus strength training, and set you up for a lifetime of butt-kickin’, weight-liftin’, kid-wranglin’ success. 

Are you ready for this?!

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  •  You’re a busy mom who puts everyone else’s needs above her own.
  • ​You’re tired of beating yourself up for “eating badly” or “not working out.” 
  • ​You’re sick and tired of repeating the phrase, “I’ll start again on Monday.” 
  • ​You’ve “failed” at diets in the past, and are fed up with the restrictions of extreme dieting fads. 
  • ​You struggle to find time and motivation to go to the gym or eat right. 
  • ​You feel exhausted, frustrated, and helpless when it comes to your weight. 
  • ​You feel out of control when it comes to food (and carbs in particular). 
  • ​You feel embarrassed and overwhelmed when it comes to losing weight. 
  • ​You’re scared of joining a gym or starting a class for fear of judgement or embarrassment. 
  • ​You crave a safe community of like-minded women who will encourage and lift you up. 
  • ​You wish you had a mentor to show you the path to work through your challenges and setbacks. 
  • ​You are ready to do things differently, but don’t know how to make that happen. 
  • ​You’re sick of doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results (that’s the definition of insanity, my friend!). 
  • ​You want to fall in love with yourself, feel comfortable in your own skin, and have a healthy relationship with food, fitness, and fun!
Seriously, we get it. We spent YEARS trapped in that cycle of fad workouts and restrictive diets. At the end of the day, that “diet” isn’t going to make you happy: What WILL transform your outlook on life is a redefined relationship with yourself. 

And the best part? We can help you find that new and improved relationship. 

If anything we’ve said so far has resonated with you AT ALL… Even a LITTLE BIT… (Even if it was just the “Friends” quotes…) DON’T HESITATE! 





NO STRESS!! We designed the 28-Day “Fat Burn 5: Basics of Balance” Program to be completely self-guided: Join the squad on launch day, or start on a day that works better for you and catch up later. This four-week program is perfect for anyone who needs a boost on fitness and nutrition, and with new Programs launching at the start of every month, that makes every day the perfect day to join the 28 Day “Fat Burn 5: Basics of Balance” Program!



That’s right, lady. 

You deserve to be content in your own skin. 

You deserve to enjoy food without guilt. 

You deserve to feel confident again. 

And most importantly? You deserve ALL of these things without paying an arm and a leg. 

At a la carte prices, you’d pay upwards of a thousand bucks for a program this comprehensive. Here’s what you get in our custom-built 28 Day Program:


  • ($97 VALUE) 28 days of mind-blowing modules and online lessons
  • ​($197 VALUE) 28 days of coaching from Millie and Annie 
  • ​($97 VALUE) Access to the Members-Only MNC Facebook Group 
  • ​(PRICELESS) The opportunity to learn from other women just like you, and celebrate your successes with the whole Moms Need Carbs squad!


At Moms Need Carbs, we’re here to support YOU! At every step of the 28 Day Fat Burn 5: Basics of Balance Program, Millie and Annie are here to answer questions, make adjustments, cheer you on, and celebrate your progress.

It’s time to join the Moms Need Carbs revolution!!!

But wait… There’s more!

(We’ve always wanted to say that.)

The point of the 28 Day Fat Burn 5: Basics of Balance Program isn’t just to lose a few pounds and inches. Rather, our goal is to set you up for a LIFETIME of fitness and nutrition success. That’s why your Program registration comes with free tools to arm you with the knowledge and resources you need to succeed. In addition to the hundreds of dollars’ worth of training and educational resources, you’ll also receive:
  •  The Official Moms Need Carbs 2-Week Clean Start Meal Plan, complete with grocery lists and recipe cards. ($197 Value!) 
  • ​Accountability sheets to keep you on track with your new healthy habits. ($50 Value!) 
  • ​The Fat Burning Meal Guide, which explains the Fat Burn 5 and everything you need to know about tailoring your metabolism to burn fat. 
  • ​($100 Value!) Handy-dandy food lists that take the guesswork out of your nutrition — just pick something that sounds delicious and dig right in! ($50 Value!)
Get all these freebies plus four weeks of personal support for just — take a deep breath here, y’all — $47!!! 

Yeah, we might be out of our minds to send you so much for less than a hundred bucks, but that’s just how convinced we are this is the solution for YOU!

Seriously, ladies… Don’t wait to register for the Program! We like to keep things a little more ~personal~ with our squad, so we can only admit so many participants to each Program. If there are seats remaining in the course, SNAG EM before somebody else does!!

For just $47, we’ll help you unleash that Diet Free Lifestyle you’ve been craving… The lifestyle that balances donuts AND apples… The lifestyle that allows you to be your happiest, healthiest self…

Take the plunge, sign up for the 28 Day Fat Burn 5: Basics of Balance Program, and start living your healthiest life TODAY!!


Listen, we get it. There’s not a lot of room in a household budget for an online fitness Program. But here’s the thing, ladies: Until you invest in YOURSELF, you’re going to have trouble investing in anything else. It’s time to put all that time and energy you give to others back into providing for yourself. Plus, we’ve got a bet for you: Give us your all for 28 days, complete the entire Program, and if you feel like the Program didn’t give you results, set you up for success, or change your life in any way, we’ll refund 100% of your entrance fee — no questions asked. It’s a no-brainer!


Know another Mama who’d love the Fat Burn 5: Basics of Balance Program? Bring her to the party! Refer three of your friends to the Fat Burn 5: Basics of Balance Program, and we’ll pay for your entrance fee. Simply sign up for the Program, invite three friends to participate with you, and have them name drop your awesomeness during registration. Once we’ve confirmed their sign-up, we’ll refund your enrollment fee! (BTW, for questions about referrals and registration, feel free to email us at support@momsneedcarbs.com.)


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P.S. Not sure the Program is perfect for you? Let’s make it perfect TOGETHER! If you have questions, concerns, need a program adjustment, or aren’t sure how to get started, our (virtual) doors are always open. Never hesitate to reach out to the Moms Need Carbs squad!


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