How to lose weight without giving up your favorite foods...

...even if you're feeling stuck at a plateau, you tend to obsess or feel out of control around food, or you're frustrated with "quick fix" deprivation diets that just aren't sustainable.


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The Next 28-Day "Fat Burn 5" 
Challenge Starts August 31st...


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Did you know that 80-95% of People who lose weight gain it back?

Instead of losing weight....only to find it again in a few months....

it's time to release fat... permanently!
This Challenge is for you if...
  • Are a busy mom, who puts everyone else's needs ahead of her own
  • Are tired of beating yourself up for  "eating badly" or "not working out" 
  • Struggle with finding time and motivation to go to the gym 
  • Have "Failed" at diets in the past.
  • Are fed up with extreme dieting fads that turn getting healthy into a miserable experience.
  • Feel out of control when it comes to food (and carbs).
  • Feel exhausted, frustrated and helpless when it comes to your weight.
  • Are tired to doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results (definition of insanity).
Welcome To The Tribe!
We get it! We've been there!  
"The Fat Burn 5" is  program created for busy moms just like you!'s the thing. This isn't a "quick-fix" program. You've tried that before. 
Losing weight fast feels great! Until it comes right back. 😒
If what you're doing isn't realistic as a lifestyle! Then your results are also not sustainable!
So, if you are ready to start losing weight, eating foods you love in fat burning combinations...

🍰 Why not have your cake...and eat it too? 🍰
Hey! Millie and Annie Here
We are sisters who've coached each other through the perils of weight loss over the years...

Annie, the nutritionist, was constantly keeping Millie on track with food, while Millie, the fitness instructor, kept Annie motivated to do her workouts everyday.

But after doing this for several know what we noticed?
We were STUCK! 

Caught up in this lose-gain-lose-gain cycle and we were slowly starting to HATE our bodies in the process.

Every "diet" or challenge we tried was SO HARD....and it seemed each time we started a new one, it was more extreme than the last. We felt deprived, restricted and even a little crazy keeping such a strict regimen (especially while running kids, a house, work and all the things...)   
We decided that it was time to take a new approach...
You will learn how to:
  • Create Fat Burning Meals with all (yes ALL) of your favorite foods!
  •  Have confidence about your food choices wherever you are, whether eating out or on the go. 
  •  Use our simplified approach to weight loss and fitness that meets you where you are and can be individualized to your personality and preferences. 
  •  Apply our One-Up principle to get long-lasting and sustainable results 
  •  Create a better relationship with food and your body. No more guilt. No more shame.
  •   Learn the basic building blocks of creating simple and short fitness routines that will boost your metabolism and energy! 
  •  Get full access to our Live Diet Free Course, with 6 modules of videos and content to teach you everything you need to know about creating a sustainable 
  •  Accountability through our Facebook group full of amazing women just like you, with Free Accountability Challenges throughout the year (we do a giveaway for each one!)
  •  Recipes and Food Lists Galore!
What other moms are saying....
The fat burn five just makes sense to me, and you don’t have to give up anything- just eat things in different combinations, and incorporate more fresh fruits and veggies.
Adding one new element each week to one-up what you are doing is do-able. All the elements are realistic for the rest of my life- that is what is so awesome about it! I’ve lost 10 lbs, and 15 inches and I feel great about that! Now that my cardio has improved, I can keep building on it and do more resistance training too.
But seriously- I learned a lot, I felt empowered, and this is something I intend to just keep this going! You guys are amazing!!

Andrea J - Lincoln, NE
I started the 8-week program with Millie and Annie in October. I have always struggled with my weight and maintaining a healthy relationship with food. I figured if it helped me maintain my weight and not gain 10 pounds during the holidays, that would be victory enough. However, during my implementation of the Fat Burn 5 approach along with other diet and fitness guidance provided by Annie and Millie, not only did I not gain weight I lost 9.1 pounds!!
I have learned a whole new way to enjoy food without it taking over my life, and healthfully progress toward meeting my weight loss goals.
I look forward to continuing my fat loss journey with Millie and Annie!
Amanda B - Greensboro, NC
Adrienne T - Greensboro, NC
Mandy B - Logan, UT
What makes us DIFFERENT?
We don't believe in diets.
In fact, our motto is, “Moms need carbs!”

What we DO believe in is giving women the tools to create healthier lives...without depriving themselves.

So yes, we want you to have your cake and eat it too!

If you’re ready to embark on a diet-free life and shift the way you look at food....

If you're ready to say goodbye to fad diets forever and finally feel in control and empowered about your decisions around food and fitness.... 

Join our LIVE DIET FREE program. We will give you a game plan to transform your health and fitness FOREVER (without giving up cheesecake!)
Ready to get started?
Let’s do this!
You'll LEARN more than just "how TO LOSE WEIGHT"
You'll know exactly how to KEEP LOSING (or maintaining) weight when you're done!  
You'll know how to change the SHAPE AND SIZE of your body (instead of focusing on the scale)!
If you...  
  • Are READY for permanent change!
  • Are looking for something different, sustainable and FUN!
  • Want to feel CONFIDENT around food and in your jeans.
  • Are COMMITTED to improved health and wellness this year
  • Are EXCITED to start making real progress
  • Want a plan that meets you where you are, and is individualized to your specific needs and  preferences
  • Want to lose weight without complicated food plans and workouts
  • Are looking for a simple common sense approach to a happier, healthier version of YOU.
  • Want the encouragement and support that builds you up
  • Excited to be a part of an incredible community of amazing supportive women who encourage and motivate one another
Then what are you waiting for??
And isn't that what you've always wanted? 
Something that you can realistically do long term? 

Are you READY to claim that life now?
Listen, we know that change can be uncomfortable...
This isn't for you if you...
  • Are happy where you are
  • Know a better way to reach your goals
  • Think we're completely crazy, and wanna continue avoiding carbs for life
  • Are looking for a "quick fix"
  • Not ready to make small changes toward big results
  • Aren't ready to commit to new possibilities
And hey...that's okay. We still love you! ❤
The decision is now!
Here's what you get...
  •  6 Modules of Lessons that teach you everything you need to know about making fat burning meals, portions and timing with all your favorite foods.
  • ​​Health and Fitness Planner to track your goals and progress throughout the program.
  • 6-Week Accountability Checklist to keep you accountable for completing the program.
  • ​Learn Fitness Fundamentals that teach you how to create a routine that is tailored to your needs and starts from where you are.
  • Mindset Tools for getting out of the "diet mentality" and creating a happy healthy relationship with food.
  • ​Support Group of encouraging women and moms just like you, where you can ask questions and get advice through our Private Facebook Group. 
  •  2-Week Clean Start Meal Plan and Grocery Lists to set you on the right foot and accelerate your weight loss journey.
  • ​3-Week Fitness Challenge for every levelincluding simple no-nonsense workouts 
  • Tips to Accelerate Your Fat Loss. 
  • Access to Free Accountability Challenges throughout the year in the Facebook Group (Next one starts Feb 1st!)
  • ​Downloadable Recipe Books for Fat Burning Meals, Clean Start Meals, Fusion Meals and more!
$299 Value
Today $47
This is your chance to make long-term sustainable changes to your health! 
Are you ready?
Let's do this!
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